Sunday, April 18, 2010

Finals are almost over...

Lakin and I have been enjoying the lack of schoolwork this past week. What we have not been enjoying is the overabundance of finals. Lakin just has one more exam to take before she's free of the grasp of school forever. I, however, have three more finals, and school is far from over. In fact, I start again next Monday. Luckily, I have only one class, so it shouldn't be too bad.

Despite the lack of schoolwork, Lakin and I have been pretty busy this last week. We did manage to take the time to watch the movie "Funny Face." It stars Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire. It was probably the most mediocre movie I've seen with either actor, but it was still okay. The music is done by George and Ira Gershwin, so it's not that bad, but Hepburn's character is a little on the annoying side (she's obsessed with this weird philosophy called empathicalism). Anyways, it would have been better if there were more crazy Fred Astaire dance moves. Well, we can cross it off our list anyways...

This week promises to be more exciting as finals will be finally final, Lakin is graduating, and Brett is getting married. Once we get past Monday and Tuesday anyways...

Monday, April 5, 2010

Snow in April

In my mind's eye Easter should be the epitome of Spring. The sun should be shining, maybe a couple of flowers blooming here and there. This is what we woke up to:

Utah's weather patterns are about as unpredictable as it gets :)

There are about two weeks left of school for me and all I want to do is organize our fairly spotless apartment and start working on massive amounts of craft projects...I must be in the nesting phase of life. Alas, school and the NCLEX (still don't want to talk about it yet) are in my way.

Robb is learning to speak Mandarin Chinese through a set of CD's from Provo library. He served a two year mission for our Church in the Philippines and he learned to speak several languages there and after dabbling in Spanish for a bit, he felt like tackling Mandarin (and we're listening to War and Peace at the moment...I'm going to get smarter just by being in his general vicinity).

I started work again this week after a three week break. It's wonderful to be back. I missed my patients so much and surprisingly they missed me too. While going through morning report with the night shift, I noticed a name missing from the sheet. A couple days earlier one of our residents passed away. She was a sweet, frail woman who addressed everyone as "honey" or "darling" and she had been in considerable pain despite our attempts to make her comfortable. While working in the healthcare setting I've learned to regard death differently. I've seen it remove the lines of pain off weary faces and felt their peace as they've moved from one world to the next. It can be a beautiful thing. I am so grateful for our Savior whose sacrifice and resurrection removed the fear from death. She's beyond the pain now and as much as I will miss her, I know where she's gone and she will be happier there by far.

Happy Easter.