Saturday, February 28, 2015

Bits of January and February

:: I got a nursing job in January at Santa Rita Nursing and Rehab. I work every other weekend from 6:00am to 2:30pm while Robb enjoys some quality time with the kids--like building an awesome X-wing with Colby. It's a really great fit for our family. I spent nearly a year and half waffling, wondering if working was the right thing for us, and it is (just in really small quantities :) ).
::We found new ways of entertaining ourselves:
 Colby and I like to stalk/photograph the rare, and slightly wild, piggit (or rabbig, we're still trying to decide).
and we go speed racing in the mop bucket.
Basically, I have failed to document our lives for the past...well, awhile. So the following is just a smattering of my favorite pictures from this year: 
I got over my fear of play-doh (I didn't think eating an entire container would be that great for your body) and the kids love it.
Colby continues to melt my heart with his big blue eyes and his love of cuddling, He likes to tap on the leg while I'm washing dishes and ask for snuggles on the couch. I usually give in. I'm sure one day I will be the one asking to cuddle and I don't want those missed opportunities to haunt me.
Alice eats a banana every morning. Double-fist style.
She likes to accessorize and anything with an opening is fair game (like Colby's underwear)

We learned about mustaches after Colby couldn't identify Mr. Potatohead's facial hair. Note my attempts to match Colby's faux-stache with his natural hair color.
Alice likes to grab all of her stuffed animals and blankets before getting out of the crib.
My little boy loves the rain, it's his Oregonian heritage.
Alice tolerates it
Chalk drawings in the backyard:
Colby thoroughly approved of my picture of Baymax
and Alice kept trying to eat the chalk
Another fear I overcame this year: paint. So far, no regrets and I'm impressed with Colby's ability to paint within the lines.
Our orange blossoms make the whole yard (and house when I remember to open the windows) smell heavenly. Life is good in Arizona.