Monday, June 6, 2011


What is the Hays family up to these days? Well, not much to be honest.
I stopped working at the nursing home in February, which means I am down to one full time position at the Utah Valley Specialty Hospital (and I'm still loving it). Our census has been down lately though, so I've only really worked 2 shifts a week for the past month. Robb tried very hard to find an internship after graduation, but in addition to hurting the job market, our economy made engineering companies less excited about extending intern offers.
So he's hunting for a job and I'm trying once more to fill up my free time, but I've decided that having nothing to do is much more enjoyable when you're doing it with your favorite person :)
The sun has finally come out, which means the remainder of our snow will melt soon and hiking season can commence. We attempted to hike up to Timpanogos Falls, but the trail was completely covered with the white stuff, so we settled for Bridal Veil Falls (it's about a ten minute it's a high reward, minimal effort combo).
And we're moving July 8th to an apartment five minutes away from our current abode. It's a tight fit here for two people and squeezing a third (albeit, much smaller individual) would be almost impossible. There's also a washer and dryer (*happy sigh*), so goodbye quarters and hello second bedroom.
P.S. I had someone rub my stomach yesterday, so my resemblance to Buddha must be pretty strong :)