Saturday, October 31, 2015

Bits of October

:: Robb firmly believes he should attend at least one BYU football game per year. In 2014 he went solo, but this year we decided to make it a family trip. 
We got in late after a day of driving and then joined my aunt, Paula and my cousins, Kathleen and Chloe, at the Cornbelly maze. The kids were kind of cranky and Chloe got stung by a wasp 15 minutes into everything, but it was fun to spend time with family.
That evening we walked with our kids to the LaVell Edwards Football stadium. I was nervous. Would our team pull out a victory and would our incredibly grumpy kids survive staying up so long past their bedtime? The answer was yes in both cases. BYU won 38 to 24 and the kids loved watching the game (Colby more so than Alice, but she enjoyed singing the fight song and people watching).
The next day we made a quick stop on campus
We needed to stock up on BYU gear
Then we drove to Kaysville for a little time with the Hays family. Alice met Great-Grandpa Hays for the first time and he was immediately smitten with her. She reminds him a lot of Great-Grandma Hays with her spunky personality and big brown eyes.
Sunday we observed Canadian Thanksgiving with the Nielson family (they waited a whole week to celebrate with us).
And Monday morning we were on our way home
:: Alice and I joined Colby's preschool at the pumpkin patch. I assumed there would be something to carry the pumpkins in, but there wasn't and juggling three pumpkins while occasionally rescuing two kids from vines is tricky. So we might opt out of pumpkin patches for awhile (especially since one leaked rotten pumpkin juice all over the counter two days later...squash really struggle around here). 
:: Halloween: I had this great vision of homemade, family-themed costumes, but after a road trip, throwing a massive baby shower for a friend, and teaching preschool for two weeks, I just didn't have the energy. So on a Saturday while I worked, Robb took the kids to Party City, They joyfully picked out their own costumes and I re-learned the beauty of simplifying life,
 Colby didn't want to lose his awesome hat, so 90% of the time he kept a hand on it.
Alice adores that brother of hers
:: Random things that make me happy:
Us before Church
These two
Colby and Alice helping me test out a slime recipe for preschool (M is for Monsters)
Colby's drawing of Luke Skywalker (he's adding the light saber in the picture)
Alice's chocolate face
and her wonderful sense of style