Friday, February 28, 2014

Giving In

I have almost three-months-worth of posts to catch up on, but I don't want to tackle the mass of pictures and memories that need sorting at the moment. Life is particularly wonderful right now. The sun is shining, Alice has been sleeping through the night for the past two weeks, and Colby keeps cracking me up (when he's not throwing a tantrum...I've decided that the terrible twos aren't terrible all the time, it's more a season of extreme bi-polarity where he's happy one minute and not so happy the next, so I just have to embrace the sweet and endure the bitter).
:: Spring is here in Tucson (we've experienced Fall and Spring in a two month span) and the weather is gorgeous bordering on hot.
:: Our neighbors gave us a cutting from their grape vine and Robb moved a chunk of our drip system over to water it. Unfortunately, I realized a week later the piece of line wasn't dripping, so we might not end up being the proud owners of a vineyard.
:: We try to grill outside at least once a week. Right now our favorite thing to munch on is grilled pizza. So good.
:: Robb and I went on our first real date, post-Alice, to Bog Spring
The Spring is actually a concrete tub of water at this time of year
But there were trees, the kind you'd see in the Lord of the Rings
And they made my heart happy
So did this guy.
:: The Rodeo came to town (apparently it's a big deal around these even lets out for two days), and to celebrate, our own little community held a kid version with a mini mechanical bull, horse rides, a petting zoo, and train rides. Colby wasn't interested in the first two events and preferred to admire the animals from a distance, but he LOVED the train.
 :: Both boys need a haircut and I bought ice cream in anticipation (we're not above bribery in this family), Colby is watching Frozen, and I'm looking forward to a mellow evening of snuggling (at least once his hair is cut). 

Highlights of January and February

:: In some ways being the mother of two is easier than I expected. I thought Colby would resent the time and attention a new baby requires. He doesn't, but there is still the expectation that certain things will get done when he asks (like if he wants a snack, it shouldn't matter that I'm feeding Alice). It means I have to be more organized and he has to wait a little and be patient.
I love these two little ones. 
:: Alice on her first day of church
:: Did I mention Colby loves his sister? The headbutt is his version of a kiss.
Other things:
:: My prized hours of audiobook listening are now replaced by Pandora's Disney station
:: Our second bathroom sink is a soak tub for stained onesies
:: Colby put corn up his nose and I had to sit on him while carefully extracting it with tweezers
:: Colby is the perfect height right now for me to rest my chin on his head when he snuggles up onto my lap