Wednesday, September 19, 2012

9 and 10 months

:: Weight: 19lbs. 12oz, 45%
:: Length: 29in., 75%
:: Head: 18in., 60%
 :: This kid is sleeping through the night (it involved four or five nights of crying himself to sleep and one episode where his leg got caught in the bars of his crib, but now we are getting 8 consecutive hours of sleep...and his crib has bumpers).
:: Uses a mixture of army-crawling (when he's highly motivated) and rolling to get around
:: Has two teeth 
:: Eats the same thing we're having for dinner, only in puree form
:: Attended his first BYU football game (BYU vs. Weber, final score 45-13)
:: Loves to dance, especially if there's a strong beat ("Another One Bites the Dust" is a favorite)
:: Favorite toys: the remote, our phones, pens, Wii controllers, my water bottle (basically anything that isn't his)
:: Finds random things funny (today I found him sitting in the corner cracking up while staring at my dry erase board)
:: His favorite seat in the house
:: Can stand for a minute or two before toppling over (for some reason he finds being on his feet hilarious)
Robb and I both agree this is the best age yet