Saturday, March 19, 2016

The Last Saturday

I am almost 39 weeks pregnant and every doctor's appointment points to the same thing: she's not motivated to leave. I'm barely dilated and my cervix is so far back it's impossible to tell if I'm effaced at all.  The news was a little discouraging, so at the beginning of the week I made the decision to plan as many fun things as possible. This way I could say it was a good thing the baby didn't come yet because we would've missed out on A, B, and C. We've gone on lots of trips to the park, the library, spent time with Nana and Grandpa Peanut butter (his preferred title...great-grandpa Rigby is kind of a mouth-full), had an amazing game night with friends, and this morning we hiked the Cascabel Trail.
 Our buddies, the Bloods, came with us
Alice is usually the leader of our hikes, but not today. "Momma, I tired" was heard frequently and she was convinced she needed to be carried half the time because, "I scared of cactus." I guess my lectures on the dangers of touching cacti really hit home.
 Colby, on the other hand, was a trooper, He walked the entire 1.5 mile loop (in the hot, Arizona sun) by himself and even kept going after tripping and skinning his knee.
Ashley's Mickey Mouse cactus
It felt great to go hiking again, even with a less than energetic Alice. 
And we ended the day with swimming, pizza, and Star Wars The Clone Wars,  I'm so glad Baby girl waited a bit longer so we could have this golden Saturday together.