Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Bits of December

:: Random Events:
Alice finally got her helmet off! She was pretty happy about it.
We went to see the Christmas lights at the Reid Park Zoo with some friends.
A quick trip to the Gilbert Temple
First ponytail 
:: Alice's birthday!
The outrageous dress matches her outrageous personality.
The raspberry cupcakes were delicious.
I wonder what she's wishing for...
Colby can't help himself when it comes to blowing out candles.
Entranced by the Christmas lights.
:: Christmas Trip to Montana:
When you don't have snowboots, oversized socks will have to do. #ArizonaProblems
Alice sporting the traditional googly-eyed monster hat as we begin our search for the perfect Christmas tree.
Colby wasn't sure about the snow and cold at first, but he can't resist making a snowball.
Alice finding it difficult to stand with all of that getup.
Colby loves his grandparents.
Eventually, even Arizonans get acclimated to the weather.
Beautiful girls.
Decorating the tree in time for Christmas Eve.
Colby has superb fine motor skills.
Reading some books before bed.
It's Christmas morning and everyone's awake except Grandma and Grandpa.
Colby passes the time by contorting his face.
Alice passes the time by smiling, as usual.
Colby's excited.
If you look closely enough you might just make out the vomit that's about to exit Alice's mouth.
Lakin's side note: Alice had a bad reaction to her vaccinations and later that night I got hit with the stomach flu. Boxing day was rough.
It's the chicken game!
All of that snow fell on Christmas Eve.
Christmas dinner napkins are FAAANCY.
It's time for some Christmas day snow play.
Alice isn't so sure about this.
The 70's called. They want their women's snow hat back.
ATV + Inner Tube = Redneck Sledding