Friday, February 28, 2014

Highlights of January and February

:: In some ways being the mother of two is easier than I expected. I thought Colby would resent the time and attention a new baby requires. He doesn't, but there is still the expectation that certain things will get done when he asks (like if he wants a snack, it shouldn't matter that I'm feeding Alice). It means I have to be more organized and he has to wait a little and be patient.
I love these two little ones. 
:: Alice on her first day of church
:: Did I mention Colby loves his sister? The headbutt is his version of a kiss.
Other things:
:: My prized hours of audiobook listening are now replaced by Pandora's Disney station
:: Our second bathroom sink is a soak tub for stained onesies
:: Colby put corn up his nose and I had to sit on him while carefully extracting it with tweezers
:: Colby is the perfect height right now for me to rest my chin on his head when he snuggles up onto my lap

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