Saturday, January 11, 2014

Alice Danae: 1 Month

:: Weight at her two week appointment: 7 lbs, 10 ounces
:: Just as she's drifting off to sleep she gives the best smiles and sometimes a tiny chuckle
:: Changing her diapers requires courage. People say boys are the tricky ones to change because the second the diaper comes off, they need to pee. They are wrong. In Colby's two years of life I think he's sprayed me five times...Alice has easily doubled that in her first month (and she likes to projectile poop as well). Good thing she's cute.
:: During tummy time she pushes up with her legs and can move herself forward a couple of inches. I think she'll be an early crawler.
:: She prefers to sit upright and can hold her head up a few minutes before starting to wobble
:: I'm not sure what the female equivalent of male pattern baldness is, but the poor girl has it
:: She doesn't like the cold and tries to pull the blanket over her head and burrow down while she sleeps.
:: Her eye are still a mix of brown and blue, but they're starting to get lighter
:: She goes to bed around 10:00pm, wakes up around 2:00am, and then sleeps until 6:00am (which is when Colby wakes up anyway). 
:: Colby adores her and so do we

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