Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Reader's Digest: December

:: After some disappointed searching, we found an amazing Christmas tree lot filled with Oregon-grown evergreens. It smelled like heaven and the tree was perfect. We're definitely going back next year.
:: We took Colby to see Frozen, his first in-theater movie. He kept saying, "wow," over and over again, with big eyes. He's now obsessed with the soundtrack and busts a move whenever he hears a song from it.
:: Robb decked our house out in Christmas lights despite great risk to life and limb
And it sure looked pretty (I wish I took a picture when everything was up, but this was all I managed)
 :: The boys treated me to a pedicure since I couldn't reach my feet and then Colby decided my fingernails needed a little work too.
 :: Colby helped me unload the silverware the morning my contractions started
 and by 6:41 that evening Alice joined our family
:: We sent out our first Christmas card, which means we're officially adults now (just in case finishing college, the two kids, and buying a house didn't do it)
:: My mom came on the 13th to help out and by the next weekend my whole family was here for Christmas.
 We played games and finished a puzzle
Ate wonderful food
 Reenacted the Nativity
 Admired the Christmas lights 
(some of us were more alert than others)
And snuggled...oh, how we snuggled
Christmas Eve we opened our traditional Christmas jammies
The next morning I saw Colby's face light up when he spied the tree.

Christmas is such a magical time of year for a two year old

...and a 27 year old
And then they were gone, Robb went back to work, and I got to experience what being the mother of two is really like.
So far I'm loving it.

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