Sunday, December 1, 2013

Random bits of November

:: Our friends, the Caltons, offered to watch Colby while Robb and I went to the Mesa Temple. I love the feeling of utter peace I feel there and I'm so grateful we got to squeeze one last trip in before this baby comes.
On the way home we survived our first dust storm (also known as a haboob)
:: My friend, Victoria, and her son come with us on our weekly trips to the library
:: I found a dentist with a posh office and spent my 40 minutes or so check-up watching HGTV on the flat screen mounted above my head and chose "sugar cookie" from the list of holiday inspired flavors for the polish.
:: Does anyone else think this is a bad idea?
:: Colby took this awesome selfie:
:: And entertains himself in the morning while I exercise (by the way, I love him in footie pajamas)
:: Bugs are huge over here
:: Colby no longer goes grocery shopping with me. After an epic tantrum where even the staff at Fry's were feeling bad for me (one tried to give Colby a paper hat and another a balloon), I decided my sanity was too valuable to risk and now Robb and Colby enjoy a little manly bonding time while I do my hunting/gathering.
:: Colby helps weed by attacking the plants with a stick...most of the time he goes after the wrong ones, but it's the thought that counts.
:: I made an amazing pizza.
:: We weaned Colby from his pacifier by snipping little bits off the end for four days until he decided it wasn't worth using anymore.
:: Colby turned two
:: On the 22nd I broke down and wore pants for the first time since moving to Arizona and it rained for TWO straight days. My Oregonian soul was in heaven
:: We also turned our heater on and the air conditioning off
Random Sunday Picture

:: Thanksgiving was wonderful. It was the first time we had it as just our little family and it took six full meals to polish off the leftovers, but it was fun to celebrate it with my two favorite people in our own little house. We are so blessed.
:: And this is how I feel at 39 weeks:

Hopefully Alice will be here soon.

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