Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Colby James: 2 Years

Sometimes I just sit and look at Colby, marveling that I got to be a part of creating something so perfect.
:: He's sweet and sensitive  
:: Loves to learn and explore
:: My alarm clock in the morning and bedtime snuggle at night
:: My ever-willing helper
:: And my reminder to find joy in the little things
:: With an easy laugh and his daddy's silly sense of humor
Happy birthday, Colby-boy! We're so grateful you're ours.
To celebrate two wonderful years of Colby we had a very small party with strawberry-cream cupcakes (apparently the icing was highlight) and a load of presents that made his eyes get big with excitement.

And in case my heart wasn't already full with how much I love this boy, the next morning he ran up to me (in his diaper, we were working on getting dressed for the day) and spent the next ten minutes giving me kisses alternating with hugs. Motherhood is amazing.

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