Saturday, November 9, 2013

Colby Update

I can't believe he's almost two.

:: Colby learned how to climb off and onto our bed independently and likes to snuggle up there and lounge with our pillows
:: We upgraded Colby to a toddler bed after we went to bed one night and heard a loud thud come from Colby's room, followed by his door opening, and the soft pat-pat of little feet making their way across the kitchen floor. I struggled during his first night in the new bed. I loved the routine of putting him into his crib and cuddling him when he first got up in the morning. The idea that he was too big to need that anymore got to me. But he isn't. Despite the fact he knows he can get out of bed independently, he waits for us to get him and snuggles are still mandatory.
:: He's my workout buddy
:: And Robb's fellow musician
:: He's obsessed with Thomas the Train (he saw some Thomas underwear at Target and insisted on holding them until check-out)
:: He loves our new park and we try to make it out there before Robb gets home (so he can go with Colby down the slides...Robb made me promise to stop now that I'm so far along).
:: He loves to hang out in the backyard. Unfortunately, there's not much to do there (yet), so we're improvising.
:: He randomly started saying the letters of the alphabet one day, which surprised me because at the time he only knew a handful of words. Now he can say all but 4 letters and identify all of them (I think it's because of the Endless Alphabet game we let him play on my phone because I haven't been pushing this at all) and he loves finding letters in books and on signs.
Here he is reading the tag on his Teddy
:: And suddenly he's started talking and expressing opinions, which is amazing and challenging at the same time. My favorite of his new words: Alice (usually said while patting my belly).

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