Sunday, February 28, 2010

Why ball? Y-Ball!

For anyone who's curious, dances are ten times better when you're married, and that's coming from someone who actually liked dances when he was single. One of the blessings of being a poor, college student is that sometimes people feel like doing free things for you. Last week that happened to be the Y-Ball.

The Y-Ball is basically a free dance for married and engaged couples only, but it gets even better! This dance happened to be a formal dance, so we got all gussied up (ok, so I just put gel in my hair and wore my wedding suit, but Lakin was gorgeous!) and went out to dinner with McKay and Dasily before the dance. On top of that, there were free dance lessons before the dance, where we learned to waltz. They also had tons of free food, free pictures, and free date package giveaways. Unlike the Daily Universe, I don't care where BYUSA's money is going as long as they keep putting on awesome free activities like that!

The lesson we learn is that being married makes everything better. I highly recommend it!

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