Sunday, March 28, 2010

Another Week Bites the Dust...

This last week wasn't the greatest week ever in Hays family history. I had a test and a paper due, and Lakin had a paper of her own to do (though hers was significantly more monstrous than mine). But, we survived, a testament to our resiliency. This week should be a little better, especially now that I've gotten caught up to Friday on my homework and studying.

Lakin just finished her last day of clinical EVER! That's pretty exciting in and of itself, but it also means she doesn't have to wear those hideous BYU issue scrubs any more. I really think we should perform a ceremonial burning... Lakin's excited to be done and enter the "real" world. She'll unfortunately still have one leg in Babylon (which in this case is BYU), as I won't be done with school for a LOOOONG time.

We didn't have much time for fun stuff this week, so grocery shopping was the highlight of our week. You know you're ready for summer when you're excited to buy milk for $1 at Smith's... Anyways, hopefully next time we post it'll be something a little more exciting than school, school, school, cheap milk.


  1. Oh cute Lakin (laketalksalot :). I can't believe you are going to be done. I know you are my sisters age but it is still just so weird. Everytime I think about you it's when you're little and have just fallen in the lake with your rather large rock trying to win a game, or when you sat on whole bunch of huckleberries, or when you fell between two logs and we couldn't find you. I laugh just thinking about it. We should really go camping together again sometime. Love ya!

  2. Sounds good, although now that I am so old and mature I probably won't be nearly as entertaining :)