Tuesday, July 20, 2010


First dates are typically awkward. There are so many unknown variables: sense of humor, interests, background, values, friends, goals, etc. you have to sort through to find if this relationship might have the beginnings of amazingness or crickets.

We had fireworks (of the literal and figurative variety) on our first date.

I waited for three solid weeks for Robb to ask me out. We walked together to choir practice several weeks in a row, we talked every time we met in the fishbowl, and there was even flirting (at least on my part)... which probably didn't come across as flirting, but I tried anyway.

He finally got around to calling me up and we made a date for the 4th of July. It was perfect. To begin with, he smelled really good. It was like having my own mobile and manly scented air freshener. We went to Red Robin (home of the most amazing hamburgers my taste buds have ever come in contact with), sat down, and started talking. Our poor waitress came by three times to get an order, but we were so wrapped up in conversation we hadn't had time to glance at the menu.

We left the heavenly hamburger joint, walked through the Freedom Festival, and joined a group of friends to watch the Stadium of Fire from the MTC playing field. They were playing card games, but we decided to sit a little ways off and continue talking. It was the easiest thing to be with him. And the fireworks were pretty amazing too :)

Traffic going home was terrible. We loaded up in his car and waited a good half hour just to leave the parking lot, before deciding to the ditch the car and walk home.

And from that point on I was smitten with Robb Hays.

Every year we celebrate the anniversary of the world's most amazing first date by reenacting that day.


Thanks, Robb, for the three most amazing 4th of Julys of my life.

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