Monday, September 13, 2010

Reader's Digest Version of August

Utah Valley Specialty Hospital made me an official job offer to work full time on their Med/Surg floor.

We traveled to Great Basin National Park which is located in the middle of Nevada. I personally have little love for the state (and if you had to drive through it every time you wanted to see your family, you wouldn't be that keen on it either :) ), but Great Basin apparently is their best kept secret.

According to the National Park website, Great Basin is the best place for star gazing in the continental US because it's so far away from everything. That night we got a breath taking view into the heavens. The sky was perfectly clear and hundreds of stars strung throughout the Milky Way were visible.

The next day we hiked. My favorite part were the Bristlecone pines (as an Oregonian, I have a thing for them sometime though, they are amazing).

We came back to civilization.

My faithful laptop of four years died.

We went to Washington and helped my parents move into their new house (P.S. the picture wasn't taken in front of their house, that's where my mom works :) ).

We traveled to Medford, Oregon, the land of my youth and probably one of my favorite places in the world and went RAFTING (I love rafting, I love rivers, I love attacking random boats with dipsticks, I love the thrill of making it through a difficult rapid, I love spending so much time with my's amazing). Once again there were bears. I'm not sure why, but I decided a few years ago that being mauled to death by a bear was probably the worst way to die...and they've kind of freaked me out ever since. I guess my furry friends heard we are longer on good terms and now, out of spite, they are popping out all over the place. THREE bear sightings this trip, THREE!

And one of my mom's best friends got married around the same time so we got to attend the wedding. Congratulations, Brenda!
Back in Provo, Robb built me a computer (yes, he is that amazing) to replace the Mac and we prepared to start a new school year and a full time hospital job.

Life couldn't possibly better be :)


  1. Ok I have a lot to say so I thought I would prioritize it.
    #1. I am really glad you work at the hospital with me. Although it is not the happiest place on earth and sometimes it makes me grumpy...I hope you don't think I am an unhappy person or taking it out on you. I really like you, just sometimes not my job. But I'm trying to be more positive.
    #2. I heard that Macs weren't supposed to die. That's why we bought one. Now I'm scared.
    #3. Umm that lake is so beautiful...really I want to go there right now.
    #4. I HATE bears. Drew is getting a little annoyed with how afraid I am of bears. I always fear that they will attack me in the night while camping. I am glad you feel the same way too and you were brave enough not to cause a scene when you saw them.
    #5. I LOVE rafting. I haven't been in a long time but I really do love it.
    Well...that's it. Hope all is well. I will probably see you at work soon!

  2. Sounds like you had a great August! Love you guys!

  3. This made me happy.
    So do you! Love ya :)

  4. I love you Lakin Marie!! I miss you so much!! come visit me sometime!! I'm in salt lake in the family history library!! Tell your mom and dad i say hello!