Friday, October 8, 2010


I'm not sure if you were aware of this, but I'm married to one of the football players...he's kind of a big deal :)

Our ward has an inter-mural flag football team this year and Robb is playing as an offensive and defensive lineman. Unfortunately his team is having about as much success on the field as our BYU Cougars...he's having fun though and that's what counts. I love getting to watch his games. Not only do I get a weekly opportunity to admire my husband in uniform, but I get to chat with the other wives sitting on the sidelines. What I miss most about my nursing program are the other girls (and three guys) I spent two years studying with. I had a built-in group of friends and now that I'm done with school and Robb has started back up, I'm feeling a teensy bit lonely.

On the whole though, life is pretty much amazing :)
P.S. We're the Seminoles because some high school team recently ordered new jerseys for their team, only to find the school's colors or mascot (I can't remember which) changed over the summer. So free, spiffy jerseys for us...woot!

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