Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Doughnut Falls

I love snow. I feel like I'm in minority here as people clamor for signs of spring, but I love the way it transforms the ordinary grey and drab landscapes of winter and makes everything dazzle. We live in a wonderful world, my friends.
Robb skived off homework to go snowshoeing with me up to Doughnut Falls (over time water carved a hole in the rock face, hence the name). We brought water bladders with us to keep hydrated, forgetting that with arctic temperatures the water would probably freeze in the tubing...which it did (at least in mine...Robb managed to keep his flowing the entire hike. Don't worry, he shared with me :) ).

The end of the trail brought us to this point. After standing dangerously close to the edge for this shot, I was prepared to head back, when a fellow hiker encouraged us to crawl through an incredibly shifty looking tunnel dug into the side of the snowbank and see the falls from below. He promised that within three feet the tunnel opened up into a solid cave and the likelihood of dying in an avalanche was minimal...so we crawled on down and found this:



  1. What a beautiful sight and a wonderful experience!

  2. He he. Your post made me chuckle the whole way through. I'm glad you went through the shifty tunnel to see that. I'm jealous - it's gorgeous!

  3. Ok so I have always wanted to get into show shoeing. It looks like such a good way to exercise and fun too! So beautiful. Teach me ok?

  4. There IS something magical about snow! :)