Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Traditions Ball

Robb and I got tickets to the BYU Traditions Ball. It was magical. There was a live band, dance lessons, interesting appetizers, and three hours of uninterrupted Robb time. There were professional pictures taken at the event, but they aren't available yet so I had to make due with our post-party pictures taken in our spacious living room (after we moved our armchair out the way).
We learned how to swing dance that night, so this is us showing off our moves. I think we're cute, but I'm a little biased.


  1. You are so adorable!! I've been begging Jason to take me to a BYU dance since before we were married ... :)

  2. Oh Lakin, you are cute! And I like your dress. :)

  3. Thanks! This makes me happy. So do you.
    Love ya! :)
    PS: I've tried twice to sign out of my Issaquah 2nd YW account and back into my own. Gmail apparently hates me.

  4. You both look great! And it sounded like fun!