Saturday, June 23, 2012

Stewart Falls

After months of saying we needed to go hiking, a Saturday arrived without any scheduled service projects, shifts at the hospital, or family obligations so we jumped at the opportunity and drove up Provo Canyon to Stewart Falls.
The hike was perfect.  The sun was out, butterflies and wildflowers were everywhere, and Colby seemed to enjoy the view from within his shaded caravan.   It did my Oregon heart good to see all those trees.
Stewart Falls in all its glory

Picnic lunches are a little more complicated than they used to be, but much more fun.

This was Colby's first time using a sippy cup and in retrospect we should have mastered using it before testing it out in the full-blown heat of a Utah summer (just another lesson in parenthood learned).
Colby decided he was done with the heat and unusable sippy cup about 10 minutes into our hike back and then proceeded to tell the world about it.  With his sobs as motivation, we made great time on the way back and even though it wasn't a perfect family outing I can't wait to go hiking again.

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  1. Colby is such a cute boy. I can't believe how big he is getting! I'm glad you were able to go hiking. Hope everything is going well for you guys.