Sunday, August 31, 2014

Bits of August

:: Potty training continues (we started last month) and all our success can be chalked up to bribery. I am so grateful for Starburst Jellybeans. Robb keeps eating them and when I got after him about it he told me we bought them specifically to reward individuals for using the toilet, which he was already doing. Touché. 
:: We got a new camera. I'm in love, but there's definitely a learning curve to using it (as in over half my pictures are either blurred or focused on the wrong thing). I frequently stalk my children now in order to practice. Colby's boardbook, Rockin' Babies, has a page that says, "Rockin' babies are hounded by the paparazzi," and if you ask him who's holding the camera, he'll reply, "Mommy." He can relate.
:: I threw a baby shower for my good friend, Rachel 

:: We finally went camping, something I haven't done since joining the ranks of motherhood. It was glorious: there were trees, running water, and we stayed outside the entire time without sweating. Colby helped put up our huge tent. Alice ate all the dirt/rocks within reach. We read stories by flashlight and once the kids were in bed, Robb and I gazed at the stars.
The next morning we went on a hike and Colby biffed it. hard. down a flight of stairs (which in true two year old fashion he'd refused to go down until we were at least 15 feet ahead). He was a trooper though and kept going.
:: BYU opened their football season against UCONN,
:: We experienced some truly spectacular sunsets
:: Alice mastered the straw and started crawling
:: Colby went down the big slide at the playground and now climbs on top of or over everything within reach.

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