Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Bits of September

:: We started off the month with a trip to Seattle
:: Alice turned 9 months old. She's 18.6 lbs (50%), 29 inches (90%), and head circumference is 46cm (95%). She started crawling a week shy of 8 months and now she's walking. I can't get over how adorable her chunky little legs are wobbling around. 
She's the happiest little girl I've ever seen. I once had a lady come up and say when she didn't see Robb leading the music (Robb was in Utah for a football game), she was worried we were out of town and she wouldn't get to see Alice for another whole week--her smile is that irresistable.
:: Colby and I went to a birthday party for our friend, Willy. It was Colb's first time bowling and he's a natural (as long as bumpers and a ramp are involved) and obviously the arcade was a hit. Most of the kids were at least a year or two older, so Colby and I spent most of the time with each other (woot for mother/son dates).
:: His vocabulary has really picked up this year and I'm grateful for all the little insights I get now into his imagination. Right here he's pretending to be a robot:
:: Colby's latest creation: the double decker couch car
:: Colby dabbing his blanket with a towel after I told him it needed to dry post washer.
:: Storytime: he memorizes books
:: Now that it's cooling down (although you wouldn't think that looking at my kids' red faces) we've started visiting the park more. Colby has conquered all fear of the slides, so runs around us while Alice and I make our more sedate climb up the play structure (she's more interested in eating bark chips).
:: It rained! I love monsoon season, Nothing smells quite as amazing as the desert after a storm. We hurried out to sniff the air, splash in puddles, and naturally I needed some photographic evidence that we do get some moisture here.
All while Alice shoved gravel into her little chipmunk cheeks.

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