Saturday, June 11, 2016

San Diego Trip

So...we decided to take a trip to San Diego with a few friends (5 families total).
Some people just know how to find joy in the journey.
We stayed in a beautiful 2-home complex in Oceanside that we found on Airbnb. After splitting the cost between 5 families it was about the same as a hotel for 2 nights and twice as fun/comfortable.
It even had a nice little lawn in the backyard, perfect for playing a game of Kubb.
These are only half the babies we brought with us.
We had to get a little family snuggle in before going to bed.
Alice made a beeline for the water when we arrived at Coronado Beach the next morning.

The water was a little colder than we expected for June in San Diego,... we were content to play in the sand when we first arrived.

David and I had had enough sitting around so we got the party started. There was copious boogie boarding to be had by all.
Alice enjoyed herself immensely even if she got a little cold.
We ate at the Rockin' Baja Lobster in Oceanside that evening. Colby is better at word searches than any 4 year old has any right to be.
We had the bright idea to walk the 1.5 miles to/from the restaurant. There were some great views to be had, but it was all uphill on the way home.
The next morning we headed for Cabrillo National Monument for a little tide-pooling.
There were lots of aquatic creepy-crawlies to be discovered.

And plenty of slippery pools for Alice to fall in.
Almost everyone had lots of fun.
The rocks and tide made an excellent backdrop for family photos.
We need to go back sometime.

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