Thursday, July 28, 2016

Trip Dynasty: Sequoia

Slept in until 5:00ish when Colby greeted the dawn in his usual enthusiastic manner. We packed up everything and by 7:30 we were ready to go. Traveling in the car is an excellent time to catch up on sleep. Robb is the designated driver in our family and I'm not sure how he managed the whole trip without napping. We arrived at Morro Rock in the afternoon and hiked it with all four kids. It was a half mile up with over 300 stairs and I saw plenty of adults huffing and puffing along the way, but Colby and Alice made it up all on their own and Alice only needed help on part of the way back.
There's no way we could have finished the hike without the Bloods' help. One of them was almost always helping with one of our kids.
Then we went to see General Sherman. Currently, he's the most massive single stem tree in the world and I tried to photograph him, but my camera and non-wide angle lens don't do him justice. He's huge. We tried to let Claire nap in her car seat as we hiked down (another steep 1/2 mile hike), but she woke up almost as soon as we got going. So on the way back we had to juggle the tired kids and a car seat between the  four of us. At one point Robb was carrying Colby and Claire and a man walking by said, "These Americans are so strong."
We got back late again and it was another rough hour trying to get Claire and then the other two into bed. We were all tired and decided to go to sleep pretty quick after that. While I was in the bathroom I heard Robb and a random woman start yelling, "Did you see that?/I've never seen one that big before/That was amazing." I guess a huge meteor (update: the news said is was Chinese space junk...meteor sounds better) completely lit up the sky for about 30 seconds straight. It was one of those once in a lifetime moments and I had to be stuck in the bathroom.

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