Thursday, November 26, 2009

Much to be Thankful for...

I am grateful for Harry Potter. We drove up to Darby, Montana yesterday and Harry just makes those long hours shut up in the confines of the Civic much more bearable (that and snack food--if we end up being one of the those old RV couples, chunkiness is inevitable). Not that our trip was uneventful. On the way up we saw two moose hurdle over a fence (they're surprisingly limber for being so stocky) and then...

...I got tailed by a police car.

I was going 10 miles over the speed limit when I saw his car (so naturally I slowed down). The cop car slowly pulled out and started following us. Just to be safe I went three miles under the speed limit and he eventually passed us...but then he pulled out on an exit, waited for us to pass, and then proceeded to tail us again. After that we passed at least four more police cars before crossing into Montana. Lesson learned: Idaho cops should be the poster children for persistence and they are everywhere, so don't speed.

Now we're safe and happy in Darby and I'm so grateful for this wonderful family I've married into. It's fun to see where Robb gets some of his quirks and all of the little things I love about him. We've been married now for almost seven months and I'm not really sure how I got along without him. I'm grateful for my own family, for my faith, and for this time of year to be reminded of how charmed my life really is.

Hope your life is equally amazing!

I'm officially part of the family now :)

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  1. Nothing makes you feel more welcome than your own name one of the "vintage" cups. And, on our way to your MT wedding reception, James was pulled over for speeding in ID...though he was going a little more than 10mph over. :)