Sunday, November 29, 2009

BYU 26 + Utah 23 = Peace and prosperity in the land

Ah! All is right in the world. BYU just beat Utah in overtime on a Max Hall - Andrew George touchdown pass. Lakin and I rushed the field and got a few pretty good pictures before deciding that death by trampling is not the way we want to go, so we shoved our way through the crowd to freedom.

Before the game, we got a Christmas tree, which meant that I HAD to buy a new bow saw. There are few times I've felt manlier than walking out of SEARS with a saw in my hand. We put the tree up today and it looks great, mainly because Lakin is a master of tree decoration. If she were engaged in mortal combat with Chuck Norris armed only with her Christmas tree decorating skills, ol' Chuck would be the one taking the slow-motion roundhouse kick to the face.

Did I mention we beat Utah yesterday? Yep. I'm pretty sure we can expect to see the economy begin to improve from now on. The sad part is that everyone is going to think that it's because of Obama and congress and start electing more Democrats, when really it's because the forces of darkness were defeated in Lavell Edwards Stadium last night.

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