Sunday, January 24, 2010

Christmas and junk

Lakin is forcing me to write this because she thinks that I will somehow be more concise than her in my review of the events of Christmas vacation. So here goes...

We drove down to Mom and Dad Rigby's in Monterey. We braved the pea-soup fog of Northern Nevada on the way there. We had an awesome time while there. Mom and Dad Rigby had lots of fun stuff planned like sea kayaking, riding the Santa Cruz Christmas lights train, going to the movies (twice!), and caroling in one of the richest neighborhoods in the U.S. (Pebble Beach). It was a lot of fun. I did miss the snow a little bit, but I was definitely not complaining about the 50-60 degree temperatures. The drive home wasn't too eventful.

And now for the junk part...We just started Winter Semester (last one for Lakin; for me, not so much), and we're busy, busy, busy, but we're having fun.

There. I challenge anyone to be more concise with such an action-packed holiday.

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