Saturday, May 8, 2010

Guess Who's An Alumna?

I recently discovered the word alumni is plural and that one graduate is an alumnus. Then while googling it today to make sure I spelled it right (because misspelling it would a) be embarrassing and b) might make BYU rethink sending me that diploma), I learned that female grads are alumae or in other words, I'm an alumna (if that was confusing see here).

Obviously I didn't major in English :)

BYU has a two part graduation ceremony. Convocation was on the 22nd and involved the entire graduating class of 2010 (so naturally the majority of the ceremony was spent getting everyone in and then filing them out). The highlight of the ceremony (beyond actually walking in, which was pretty amazing...surrounded in that sea of blue, I felt like part of an army about to go out and change the world) was our key note speaker, Elder D. Todd Christofferson...

...and I fell asleep during his talk. So I'm entering the real world with only 2/3rds of whatever words of wisdom he decided to share and I have no one to blame but myself.

The next day was our own little College of Nursing graduation. Utah decided to honor the occasion by supplying overcast skies that dumped a mixture of freezing rain and mushy snow on us as we sprinted into the building. The ceremony was wonderful. I was a little nervous about making it across the stage due to scarring memories from my high school ceremony (where my cap feel off and the head off my rose ended up flying across the room), but I managed to stay vertical with my cap in place during my three minutes of glory :)

And now it's over. I've worked, studied, carpooled, and commiserated with this same group of sixty-some girls and three guys for the last two years and I can't really comprehend that we'll never be in the same class again, and in some cases, that we'll never see each other again. Life can be bitter-sweet sometimes.

Here's us after the Convocation ceremony
(see how well rested I look :) ).

I stole the picture from my talented sister-in-law's blog because as of yet it is the only picture I have of graduation. In fact, apart from this picture, the only proof I have of graduation is an empty BYU diploma case :) If any family or friends have any pictures, please send them to me! I would love to have them (my email is!

Guess what? I'm done!!!



  1. Sorry, sweetheart! I JUST found the camera. Your father tucked it away for safekeeping =)
    I'll pull our pictures off later today when we're done with our projects and send them over.
    Congratulations again. You do well rested well!
    Love ya, Mom

  2. Yeah Lakin! You graduated, now on to bigger and better things.