Sunday, May 23, 2010

...You might be a redneck.

Last week we made the trip back to good ol' Montana for my sister, Brooke's, college graduation. She graduated with a bachelors in music education from the University of Montana. On the way up we got to see my grandparents in Idaho. It was a very short stay, though, as we had to leave early in the morning to get to the graduation on time.

The graduation itself was fairly entertaining owing to the nature of the College of Arts. Let's just say there were lots of birkenstocks, flower dresses, hiking shorts, pirouettes, and quotes from famous Marxists. Many snide remarks may or may not have been exchanged with my brother in law, Al...

While we were there we stayed with Brooke and Al in their new house. Al took me out gopher huntin', and I developed quite a shot by the end of our stay. I wasn't counting but I think I unloaded about 10 clips myself. I even had the rare opportunity to shoot a mama gopher and her baby. I know, I'm a cold-blooded killer, but that baby gopher had it coming... Lakin wasn't too keen on shooting things that have fur and breathe but shot a few clips from the rifle and even tried out the revolver. She hit the first target she's ever shot at in her life! I'd say that's pretty good. We're definitely going to have to get back to Montana soon to clean up any survivors.

Not all Montana license plates are created equal

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