Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I'm grateful for my wonderful parents who are always there for me; an amazing brother serving a mission in India; for the green slime they squirt on planes, allowing them to fly in icy-cold conditions; and that I married a man who, in addition to all his other sterling qualities, knows how to extract birds from beneath fridges.

I guess there's a hole in the siding of my parents' house that the landlord thought he patched up. After we took care of Fenton (bird #1) and released him back in the wilderness of Seattle, Gertrude (Bird #2) and Gabby (Bird #3) made an appearance in my parent's bedroom. We opened a few windows and they left after some hand waving action and pleas to stay far away from the females of the house. Barry (bird #4) came later the next day. By that time we were bird releasing experts and Dad and Robb had him out in ten minutes. I made a movie of our adventures with Fenton and I think Robb has a future on animal planet if Mechanical Engineering doesn't pan out.

The rest of holiday was much calmer. Mom made us a wonderful turkey dinner. We went and saw the much awaited Harry Potter movie and we visited Boeing's Museum of Flight. Robb was in heaven. He wants to design airplanes after he graduates and walking around the museum with him was like having your own personal tour guide. There were exhibits from WWI, WWII, an airplane car from the fifties, and modern aircraft. It really is an amazing museum (I posted a picture of my favorite plane...look for the tiger jumping on a deer with Hitler's face :) ).

It was an amazing holiday and like always, the hardest part was coming back.

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  1. Nice work, Spielberg! Also, bonus points for sliding in an explanation for why, when it just got to the exciting part, the video coverage abruptly ended :)
    That was lots of fun!