Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Weekend

My parents came down for Memorial Day weekend to spend some time with us (and by that I mean Colby :) ) and to get to know Jory's future in-laws a little better.
Saturday morning we cheered on my aunt, Paula, as she finished the Timpanogos Trail Marathon.  Course description: 
"This is a very challenging marathon course. If you run a 3:30 marathon expect to finish this race between 5-6 hours. There is a lot of elevation gain as you can see on the elevation map. This course is all run on mountain trail and fire road. There are sections of [ascent] and [descent] that are very technical; possible snow, possible stream crossings, and rocky/steep areas with exposed cliffs."
It was pouring rain the entire time and she did amazing...and for some reason she wants to do it again next year so basically, she's Iron Woman.
That night we went out for dinner with Mama and Papa Swendsen at P.F. Chang's.  This was Colby's maiden voyage in fine dining and he was a champ.  This opens a new world of Friday date night possibilities for me and the mister.
Jory and Em making empanadas for Sunday dinner

Goodnight Moon 
Mom and Colby decided to take the traditional Sunday nap while Dad and I went on a walk on campus.  Sunday strolls with my dad are something I miss since leaving home (it's our uninterrupted dad-daughter time).   Some of our best conversations happen on walks.
And then our glorious three-day weekend was over, but with Jordan's wedding right around the corner, I'm sure we'll see them soon.

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  1. I love that last picture of your two boys reading! So cute and so funny!