Saturday, July 21, 2012

Pioneer Day Classic

 Robb and I set fitness goals at the beginning of the summer: he wanted to run a 10K and I wanted to lose more baby weight (it's a good thing Colby is so cute).  He immediately found a race online, planned out a training regimen, and got busy.

His hard work really paid off.  Robb finished 2nd in his age group (so there's a medal for him somewhere but since we didn't realize how awesome he did until later, we didn't stick around to receive it).  He hit his goal pace of 7:50/mile and finished in the top 25 overall.  
 Randomly we bumped into my friend, Kristen, and her sister who were running the 5K.  I love Medfordites.
 Colbs and I being supportive of this amazing guy

And this woman is my hero.

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