Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Reader's Digest Version: July

With so many amazing things happening lately I'm just going to summarize the last couple of weeks or I'll never catch up.  Here we go:
Robb's parents drove down to Utah for our nephew, Matthew's, baptism (which I forgot to take pictures of) and we spent the rest of the weekend enjoying quality time with the Hays' clan.  Lilly and Colby met for the first time and she liked him until her Grandma started snuggling Colby and then a little jealousy set in.
 Our 4th of July started off with the Freedom Festival Parade. 
For a small college town, Provo put on a pretty impressive show.  Colby wasn't a huge fan of the gunshots, but once Robb covered his ears he enjoyed all the bright colors.
July 4th is the anniversary of our first date and while we had to give up a few traditions because of Colby (that man likes to be in bed by 7:00), we still went to Red Robin and reminisced about our magical date four years ago.
We wrapped up our evening by watching the firework show in D.C. from the comfort of our living room.
My brother's fiance, Emily took out her endowment in the Draper Temple on July 12th.  There's no better place than the Temple when your whole family is there and thanks to Em, our family is now complete.

 We held her bridal shower the next day.
And on July 14th, 2012 Jordan Michael Rigby married Emily April Swendsen in the Oquirrh Mountain Temple. 
 Such a beautiful couple

 It was a perfect day and I'm so happy to have Emily for a sister.
And finally, Robb turned 26 on July 16th.  Happy birthday, Sweetheart!

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