Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Remaining Bits of January

:: We got a grow light for Christmas and now we're dreaming of an indoor herb garden.  So far we have three little basil sprouts, mold in the rosemary container, and parsley is keeping us guessing
 :: Robb got called as Elder's Quorum President (it's one of the lay leadership positions in our church) for our ward's 2nd Quorum (only in Utah) and I'm still serving on the Additional Activities Committee.
:: I discovered why I keep finding two little holes in all my shirts
::We went to Red Lobster, the waiter asked if it was a special occasion.  Our reply, "we have a gift card."
::Colby is completely weaned, refuses to let us feed him anymore, and is slowly figuring out utensils (hands are still the favorite way to go)
 :: We had an epic Ebert/Rigby Waffle party and played Telestrations (you're given a word, your neighbor illustrates it, the next person guesses the word based on the drawing, etc) to top the night off.  This was my personal favorite:
:: I fell in love with this song:

:: Colby walks around if there's something to hold on to (he also started clapping this month)
and playing peek-a-boo is his new favorite game
:: Robb took me to see BYU's production of The Phantom of the Opera. Amazing.
 :: And all three of us were sick this last week.  We all have awful colds and Robb and Colby both came down with fevers.
How Robb describes the feeling of footie pajamas: "It's like being hugged by your grandma while sitting in front of a roaring fire in Winter."

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