Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day

For Valentine's Day I like to hide expressions of love around our apartment (I guess one could blatantly hand them over, but that's not how I roll). These beauties became Robb's computer backgrounds when he wasn't looking:
I also wanted to surprise Robb with a post-class doughnut (which turned into chocolate-covered strawberries...thank you, Sugar n' Spice), so I loaded Colby up and together we braved campus parking.  According to Robb's schedule his class was located in B-66.  We first tried the Benson building, which in case you're curious designates its classrooms with a "W", was told by a couple sweet co-eds to try the basement of the JFSB, and ended our "surprise" visit by calling Robb for directions.  It's the thought, right?
(Colby has Hays hips)
Someone knocked at our door around 6:00pm and I opened it to find daisies, extra-peanutty Reese's, and Robb's laptop playing, Faithfully.  He's cute.
 Our dinner plans were postponed due to an informational meeting about a company Robb interviewed with (bums scheduled it on Valentine's) until the next day.  Red Robin...yum!  Robb conquered his fear of blue cheese and now has officially eaten every burger on their menu.  I've had four.  Maybe I need to branch out?
We have something better than butterflies.  Robb is my best friend, my sweetheart, an amazing father to Colby.  I'm so lucky to have these two boys in my life.
(A little mailbox love from Robb's aunt and uncle)

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