Sunday, July 20, 2014

Bits of July

:: We started doing the "cry it out" method last week with Alice now that she's eating solids and (more importantly) since she started waking me up 3-4 times a night to snack. We're all a little sleep deprived. Some nights she only wakes up a couple of times and can get back to sleep in less than 30 minutes...and other nights, especially around 3:00am, she cries for an hour, dozes for 30 minutes, and then cries for another hour...all culminating in a 5:00am wake up call. Colby usually sleeps through it, but anything after 4:00am will wake him up too (we can always tell because he'll start yelling, "stop it," at the top of his lungs).
 She's always happy though when you go to get her and it almost makes up for our sleep deprivation.
 :: Alice got fitted for her helmet she'll wear for 4 months to correct a flat spot on her head (it's messing with the alignment of her ears and forehead). They made a 3D model of her head with a scanner (Robb was impressed and now he wants one) and we'll get the actual helmet this week.
 :: Colby loves to build lately: spaceships, cars, train yards, boats, double-decker couches (he was really inspired by the Lego Movie).
 :: He also conquered his fear of our playground slides and now you only have to mention slides or the park to get him running for his shoes.
He fell through the top of this ladder and I barely caught his arm as he went down (I also had Alice in the baby carrier, so I couldn't do more than slow his momentum). He cried a bit and immediately wanted to go up again. He's a brave little boy, but I think it takes more courage as a mother to watch him try again.
 :: I love watching these two together. There's no one (except for Robb) who can get her to smile faster than her big brother and they're starting to play with each other, albeit not for long. Colby doesn't like her messing with "his" stuff.
 :: Robb turned 28. It's our tradition to make him something chocolate for his birthday since his consumption of it has gone way down since we married. This year I attempted my second layer cake (the first stuck in the pan) and he chose Ultimate Death by Chocolate Brownie Cake. It was a hit (that or our friends and Robb were too nice to tell me otherwise).
 And Robb blew out every single candle on the first try.
Earlier this month, Robb got stuck in a meeting and arrived home two and half hours late. In the meantime, I attempted to email/text/call him (without response), contacted a coworker friend, and then broke down when he finally was able to call. Just in case I needed to be reminded how much this man means to me, that did it. I love you so much, Robb! 

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