Friday, July 4, 2014

4th of July

I'm on a reading binge lately and between my last book, Unbroken (an amazing biography of a POW survivor) and I Am Malala (a biography of a girl who was shot by the Taliban for speaking out for women's education in Pakistan) I feel so incredibly grateful to live in this country, for the countless sacrifices made to maintain the freedoms we enjoy and so frequently take for granted. We truly are blessed to live in such a great nation.
Robb helped me paint Alice's nails in the morning (it really is a two or three person job)
Then we drove into Tucson for our traditional Red Robin feast (six year anniversary of our first date). I like the idea of bringing our growing family with us as we celebrate how we first met and eventually fell in love...although neither Colby nor Alice seemed that interested in what we were saying.
Random side note: as an older lady was leaving, she stopped at our table and told us that our children were very well behaved. It made my day.
That night we went down to Tubac for fireworks. Alice snoozed in the stroller, blissfully unaware of the racket and Colby snuggled up with me.  My computer background has fireworks on it and he's been talking about them for the last month. He kept up a constant commentary during the show: (while stretching his arms out) Big! Circle! Blue! Red! Firework! Firework! Firework!

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