Saturday, May 17, 2014

Fathers and Sons :: Mothers and Daughters

Camping is one of the things I've missed most from our pre-kids days. What with Colby being violently opposed to the outdoors for the first year of his life and the addition of Alice to our family, it's kind of gone on the back burner, something I think about wistfully every now and then when I have to rummage through our stuff in the garage.

But thankfully our ward decided to host a Fathers' and Sons' campout and after coming home tired and covered in dirt (and in Colby's case, chocolate), I think camping might be making a comeback. Here's Robb's account:
"To commemorate the restoration of the Aaronic Priesthood on May 15th, the ward held a fathers and sons campout on a ranch out in the desert west of us, so I took Colby along on his first ever camping trip! To entice him to get in the car without Mom, we made sure he had Frozen loaded and ready to go on the Kindle. The trip there was fairly uneventful. The way was paved for all but the last few miles, and, while the road was a little rough in spots, the ol' Civic has seen worse (see Spiral Jetty). Colby didn't want to get out of the car at first, but once I got the tent setup and unpacked the car, he decided it was getting too hot in there without the A/C. One of the first words out of his mouth was "Momma!" I told him that Momma wasn't there and he'd have to deal with it. He took it well, though he didn't stop inquiring as to her whereabouts for the next hour or so until his best friend, Dawson showed up. Colby followed him around everywhere he went for the rest of the trip. Lakin made us some breakfast burritos for dinner that night. Colby wasn't impressed. He was even less impressed when he saw that Dawson had yogurt and someone else had Cheetos for dinner. Luckily, Bro. Hancock had the foresight to bring a Hot 'n Ready pizza and graciously gave Colby a slice. He was much obliged. The burritos were good, by the way. After a short presentation on the Priesthood and "sharing your light" from Pres. Bateman, we all headed back to camp and got ready for bed. Colby was restless and was having a hard time finding the right position for sleep. It didn't help that every 10 minutes or so he would look up and see the stars and yell, "Stars!" and then stand up and point excitedly. He likes stars. He finally got a little sleep until about 2 AM when the moon came out and Colby looked up and yelled, "Moon!" and then stood up and pointed. He likes the moon, too. Eventually I realized that he wasn't even using his sleeping bag so I unzipped mine and laid it over both of us like a blanket. He finally went to sleep. That is, until his friend Dawson woke up and started talking. Colby had to get out there and socialize! Breakfast was...breakfast burritos, this time made by the High Priests group. Also excellent. Luckily, they had pancakes, too, which is a Colby favorite. We then went exploring with Dawson and had lots of fun tramping around in the sand and brush while Kellen and I looked out for snakes and gila monsters and scorpions and all other manner of desert beasts. Once the sun came out in force, I got the car packed up and got my tired boy home to his Momma. First camping trip, successful."

So during that time what were Alice and I doing?
Manicures/pedicures with a Pride and Prejudice marathon--classic girls' night.
I also made Indian spiced lentils in a crockpot and have come to the conclusion (for the second time) that Indian food was never meant to be made in a slow cooker, but the possibility of it always tricks me into trying. Lucky for me there were still leftovers in the fridge :)

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