Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Bits of March and April

:: I applied for a job on Monday and received a rejection email on Tuesday. But regardless it was a big step for me. I love being a nurse. I love helping people and knowing that in small ways I can ease their suffering. I also love being a mother, in fact I love it so much that I haven't missed working for the past 8 months (at all). So now I'm officially licensed as a nurse in Arizona I have a guilty feeling that I should find a job...we'll see where that goes. I've been on the fence and occasionally losing sleep over this decision for awhile and it will probably require a bit more thought and prayer before anything happens.
:: Colby said "sister" on the March 31st for the first time, but mostly refers to her as "baby"
:: Alice is teething. And drooling. In the early stages we were going through six bibs a day, now we're down to three or four.
 :: Colby has definite opinions about getting dressed/undressed/bathed. In this picture I wrestled him into his pants, but he refused to take off his pjs.
:: Robb built us a gorgeous raised bed (about a month ago..I'm way behind again)
:: We tried to paint Alice's room a mellow-er shade of yellow and were given a beigey-gray by Lowe's baby girl is still sleeping in our closet.
:: Easter: I can't remember why exactly (the perils of journaling retroactively), but we were kind of swamped coming into Easter and had to skip dyeing eggs and hunting them down. We had our big dinner on Saturday with our friends, the Halls, and her parents, which was amazing and the next morning the Easter bunny dropped something off for the kids:
Colby completely missed his basket and had to be redirected several times before he spotted it

And here's us in our Sunday best:
Fortunately (and ironically), the upside of running out of time to do the normal Easter activities is you're left more time to focus on Christ, a lesson I'll need to remember as the children grow older.  

 :: My little brother, Jordan, graduated from BYU with a degree in exercise science and while he opted out of walking, we decided it was a good excuse to come up and visit everyone. We met our new nephew, Carter, for the first time and spent lots of time hanging out with both sides of the family.

The only downside was the trip itself. Alice didn't like staring at the back of the car (she's a people person and thrives on smiles), so she'd start to cry, which set Colby off, causing Alice to cry harder, it might be awhile before we attempt another road trip

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