Sunday, March 30, 2014

Making Time

Having two kids and keeping up a blog of their doings is nearly impossible...or at least I'm struggling. I used to have two golden hours in the afternoon to myself while Colby napped. Now Alice seems to wake just as Colby drifts off to sleep and I have a difficult time ignoring her smiles long enough to write anything.
So catch-up...
:: St. Patrick's Day Robb was the only one to get pinched...although in his defense he'd only been awake for five minutes. We munched on the traditional corned beef and cabbage that night and Robb wished there were more excuses to celebrate the Irish.   
:: Colby's learned to open the deadbolt, the fridge, and, with the aid of his stool/kitchen chairs (he switched to chairs when I hid the stool due to his love of toothpaste), can reach almost all of my old safe places. We're in trouble.
:: And speaking of trouble, this little girl is getting pretty close to rolling over already and based on how strong she is, I'd bet she'll be an early crawler.
:: We attempted to paint Alice's room, but it's too yellow, like being shoved in the middle of a yellow meringue we'll be painting again next weekend (Valspar's love your color guarantee was made for people like me). Robb gets depressed every time I mention it.
:: Colby's love of the week: our pineapple-mango scented candle. He carries it everywhere and rubs small amounts into his hair and face when I'm not watching. 
:: Alice's love of the week: her toes. After 3.5 months of life, they suddenly appeared in her world and she can't get enough of them
I can't blame her. I'm kind of obsessed with them myself
:: Colby decided Squishy needed a lift
:: Either food costs have recently gone way up or my tastes are suddenly more expensive because I've blown our grocery budget within the first couple of weeks for every month in 2014.  The result: lots of variations on beans and rice and a few newlywed favorite recipes I'd forgotten about. Next month I vow to plan better.
:: Best.Easter.Present.Ever. Thank you, Mom.
:: Colby's buddy from across the street, Dawson, came over to play (we're making it a weekly thing now). I love watching these two together. Here they're wearing matching apple stickers. Colby put one on and Dawson thought it looked cool.  
:: This almost always happens when she's wearing a headband. She doesn't even cry, she makes a distinctive sputtering noise and I know that once again fashion has blindfolded my baby. 
:: Colby and I took turns being sick. He threw up six times in two days and we mastered the art of deep cleaning carpet (the secret is laundry detergent, lots of water, and something to suck it all up).
 I came down with a fever that left me feeling mentally fuzzy and physically cold. So I bundled up in flannel jammies, a hoodie, and our biggest blanket while Colby cuddled on my lap (I tried to keep him away at first, but how can you deny a two year old who wants to snuggle). Robb took great care of me and all the spoiling almost completely made up for being ill.
:: Alice joined me for the first historic General Women's meeting for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. It was amazing and left me wanting to be a more compassionate woman and a more loving Primary teacher (because I just got a calling to teach the 4 year olds!).
:: And because they're cute: 

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  1. Lakin they are gorgeous! I hope you're all better now. Mothers really shouldn't be allowed to get sick! I teach the four year olds too! (Although I'm currently on a break.) love it! We have ten kids and three teachers. Good luck with the painting! -Suzie