Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Little Things

:: Monday night the kitchen was a mess, two loads of laundry were scattered over the floor, and a thick wad of bread dough sat rising in the trash can. I'd scheduled too many things and after running around all morning, I overfloured (and omitted the eggs in) my rolls while half watching a Downton Abbey episode with a friend. So I started over while Colby asked to be picked up and Alice looked at me with her big brown eyes. It was a day where I said "just a minute" too many times to my children, the house was a mess, and then to top it off I had to throw out 45 minutes worth of effort. I was beat. Then Robb came home, friends joined us for dinner, and we went to another house for FHE. I felt discouraged about my day and even more reluctant to tackle the kitchen. It doesn't sound like much to get worked up over, but all those little things got to me and Robb recognized it. So he gave me a hug, told me to get ready for bed, and then removed all traces of my flour-y fiasco from the kitchen. It was exactly what I needed and I'm so grateful to have such a wonderful guy in my life.  

:: A stunted tree in our backyard surprised us by blossoming (we're hoping for lemons) while our grapevines still look like dead twigs.
:: Colby's new word for the week is "stuck." It's used when you're holding him and he wants to be free, when he can't open a door, and when he's tangled himself up in the big blanket and can't get out.
:: Friday, Robb and I went on a lunch date to Cafe Poca Cosa.  The waitress explained the menu in detail (it changes from day to day), but by the end I couldn't remember which dish was which, so we both opted for their famous Plato Poca Cosa (basically you get three random things off the menu, or between the two of us six different items). Everything was amazing and it was glorious to have those hours of us time.
:: Saturday we decked ourselves out in preparation for the BYU basketball game
Self-timers and a two-year-old make for fun pictures 
:: Colby got into my makeup (it was only a matter of time) and I guess we're a pretty good skin tone match.
:: Alice started giggling this week and shows signs of being ticklish. She's also chunked out enough that I can finally break out her 0-3 month clothes. I can't get over how adorable she is.
:: And these boys make my heart melt.

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  1. Love this post :) I seem to have a lot of those flour dough days recently! So grateful for good husbands! The weather looks glorious and I love that you have a yard!