Sunday, March 30, 2014

Tender Mercies

:: Robb is the choir conductor in our ward and they sang an arrangement of "The Spirit of God" he did himself. He also gave a wonderful talk on Temples. Large chunks of our weekend were devoted to preparing for both and by the time I got both of the kids in the car I was exhausted and a little grumpy, definitely not the kind of mood that invites the Spirit. Anyway, we were driving and Colby asked for music ("mu-SAK")
So I cautiously turned on our Sunday playlist (the caution was due to Colby's obsession with Frozen...most days anything outside of that soundtrack is unacceptable) and the atmosphere in the car completely changed. I had time to calm down, breathe, and remember how blessed I am to be a mother. Later, he screamed all the way from the car to the church building, but Heavenly Father knew I really needed those five minutes, the peace in the midst of the storm, and He gave them to me.

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