Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Weekend

My parents flew down to spend Easter weekend with us. It was wonderful. Holidays always seem a little incomplete without family around (and most of our adoptive Arizona family have their own families nearby, so we tend to be alone unless we make the trek up north to visit). General Conference fell on the same weekend, so we packed in the fun between sessions.              
We dyed Easter eggs for the first time with kids. 80% of the eggs were cracked by the end because Colby liked to plop them in (in retrospect, tin cans weren't the best idea).
I love Dad's facial expressions in the next pictures: 
Colby loved it and so did Alice (although she wasn't allowed within a two foot radius on the dye, for obvious reasons).
We all went swimming on Saturday. Unfortunately we picked a chilly afternoon to go and both kids were less than excited (Colby kept asking to go the bathroom and Alice tried climbing up and over me to get out).
The Easter Bunny came and left a few gifts
and kindly hid our beautiful Easter eggs
Alice grabbed two eggs and refused to put them down (notice they're plastic? She figured out where the chocolate was really quick).
Alice's method of collecting eggs: grunt and point until someone picks it up.
The Hays men bonding over Legos
The rest of the day was spent listening to inspiring messages, eating, and snuggling our kids. 
We are so richly blessed.

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