Sunday, May 31, 2015

Bits of May

:: Traveled to Casa Grande and hiked around a bit. There wasn't a ton to do once you arrived, but the ruins were pretty impressive.
:: Celebrated 6 wonderful years of marriage (date night at Cafe Poca Cosa)!
:: Went camping with the Bloods to Lake Patagonia
Friends lent us their boat and we all took turns floating around
The trip was perfect except Ashley realized her wedding fell out of Aaron's pocket while we were swimming around. We never found it.
:: Colby's last day of preschool
:: We hiked Signal Hill with the Bloods
I didn't realize almost all cacti bloom until we moved to Arizona. The saguaro pop out little green buds once a year which open into little white flowers.
:: Random things:
Colby's explanation of his nasal congestion: "Darth Vader's in my nose. Sad."
Colby pretending to be Olaf
Trying to teach our kids the BYU fight song

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