Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Trip Dynasty: Oregon (Days 4-8)

Day 4: On to Oregon
We parted ways with the Bloods after stamping our passport in Yosemite. They went off to spend a few days in Nevada with Aaron's family and we continued on to Oregon. 
I fell asleep in the car and woke up knowing exactly where I was (which is rare for me). I love Medford. I love its quirks, the people, the trees, the rain--it's my happy place. We stayed with the Wrights, good family friends, and met up with my parents right before we all went to bed. 
Day 5: Medford
We took some much needed showers and went over to see Jory, Emily, Isla, and meet my new nephew, Corban. I had a cold so I didn't get to hold him, but at least I could admire him from a distance. He's so sweet and I'm excited for Claire to have another cousin her age. I can tell they're going to be buddies.
Em volunteered to watch all five kids, so we could go to the Medford Temple to watch my Grandma Rigby be sealed to her parents. Since I wasn't actually part of the ceremony I waited in the front room while the boys got ready and bumped into my old swim coach, Scott Bybee. His youngest daughter was getting married. We caught up and then I left so he could spend time with his family.  Everyone was there when I entered the sealing room and I got the best seat: right in front of Grandma. 
I got to watch as my sweet, faithful, covenant keeping Grandmother was finally sealed to her parents and then to her grandparents. It was one of those precious, cup runneth o'er moments, and I am so grateful we got to be there. 
Then we drove back to relieve Emily, eat lunch, hang out, and then leave for my high-school reunion. 
 A month before Claire was born I posted, "Does anyone from the North Medford class of 2006 know if we're having a reunion?" No one really knew, so we teamed up with South Medford and for the last six months I worked with Patrick Weber, Chelsey Hayes, and Calley Lcd, to organize and pay for this event. We started out with big plans, but as the day drew closer it looked like everything was going to fall through. 
We arrived at this beautiful vineyard to set up and even though we got a late start and the wind was wreaking havoc with Calley's decorations, we simplified and everything looked great. 
People slowly started trickling in and by the time we left at 8:00 things were packed. It was fun to catch up with everyone (especially with Kristen and Cory) and see where life has taken us in the last ten years.
Day 6: Medford and Baby Blessing
The whole family gathered the next day to bless little Corban McKay. For the last week Colby and Alice had missed about two hours of sleep each night and it became very obvious during sacrament meeting. Alice threw a tantrum during Corban's blessing, so we had to leave the Chapel. While I explained to her that we need to be reverent during prayers because we're talking to Heavenly Father, a woman came up to me and asked me to leave the area, "We already had to move out here because of your kids' toys* and now you're out here. We just can't get away from you." 
*We bought some magnetic connector toys (magformers) that made a little click when they came together. I'd already made a mental note that they were just a little too loud for sacrament meeting, but they really weren't that bad.
So I apologized and dragged my unhappy two year old down the hall. I wanted to cry the rest of the meeting. Taking small children to church is rough and I am so grateful the vast majority of members have offered me help instead criticism on those difficult days. 
I saw so many people I love in those three hours: young women leaders, family friends, our old home teacher, little boys who are now taller than me. I imagine Heaven will be something like returning to Medford 3rd ward. 
We attempted naps and then went to the Ebert's for their traditional Sunday waffles. Their family makes my heart happy. We listened to Claire Ebert tell us about her service work in Nepal, played dolls upstairs and board games downstairs, snuggled babies, and got to know the three newest Eberts (they adopted three kids after we moved and I never got to spend much time with them). It was a lovely, slow afternoon and just what we needed in the middle of our crazy trip.
Big and Little Claire
Day 7: Family Pictures and Cave Junction
Before leaving the Wrights, Cynthia was sweet enough to take family pictures (even though I got the time wrong and made everyone wait and Alice refused to smile until my Dad pretended to throw Mom into the creek). She's incredibly talented (she took our wedding pictures too) and I love how they turned out:
Then we changed and drove down to Cave Junction to spend some time with my Grandma and Grandpa Rigby, known to my kids as Nana and Grandpa Peanut Butter.
I loved watching Alice and Grandma together
The Bloods rejoined us that evening (we missed them) and then we all headed over to sample some Wild River Pizza cut into their signature 2 x 2 inch squares (which is dangerous because you quickly lose track of how much you've eaten).
Grandma managed to find places for everyone to sleep (half in her house and half in the house that used to belong to my great-grandparents) and we called it a night.

Day 8: Rafting
Emily and my grandparents stayed home to watch Claire and Corban and the rest of us (and a friend of my Grandma's) drove to Galice for a little whitewater rafting. 
Four kids under 4
Eight adults
2 rafts
1 kayak
It was one of my favorite things to do growing up and I loved sharing it with Colby and Alice. We all took turns rowing; Robb as our designated oarsman during rapids (my steering leaves much to be desired). We made a stop for lunch and another at the jumping off rock, where everyone took the plunge except for Mom and I. We played the game where someone yells out a question and the person jumping has to answer before hitting the water. Robb tried twice, but never manged it. The kids all did great in the rafts, the water felt wonderful, the scenery was beautiful, and the day was perfect...I only wish I'd taken a picture...and applied more sunscreen on everyone.

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