Thursday, August 4, 2016

Trip Dynasty: Redwoods

We took off from Lakin's grandparents in Oregon and headed to the Redwoods. The drive from Cave Junction to Crescent City was scenic the entire way, but the rugged Northern California coast is just a whole 'nother level.
Sorry, we were too busy driving and gaping in awe to stop and take pictures of the breathtaking views, but here's a picture from the internet to give you an idea.
We stopped to eat lunch at a scenic overlook along the coast, but due to the fog, there wasn't much to see.
Fortunately, Alice was able to appreciate the beauty in the little things.
After lunch, we stopped at the aptly named Big Tree for a hike. It was like a scene out of Jurassic Park, it was so lush.
Not THE Big Tree, but still a big tree.
I couldn't resist re-enacting the speeder bike chase from Return of the Jedi. It was filmed in the Redwoods, after all.
A photograph of our lovely photographer for a change.
After some more driving, we finally arrived at Gold Bluffs Beach. It was windy and a bit cold, but definitely beautiful.
Colby hung out with the Bloods while we got our tent up. He took two steps outside of the tent flap and started crying. He had a dozen thorns stuck in each foot! He was a real trooper while we pulled them all out.
After San Diego, Colby is now a connoisseur of wave chasing.
Alice was a little less excited about getting wet than Colby.
Ashley showed us how to find sand crabs.

There's a little scenic hike at Gold Bluffs called Fern Canyon. It's just as the name suggests, and a very unique place.
Robb hiked this half-way with the Bloods while I stayed in the car with a very exhausted Claire. Then he sprinted back so I could take a turn. The path crossed back and forth a stream running through the canyon and boards and old trees served as bridges. By the time I caught up with Ashley and Aaron, Alice needed to go to the bathroom *sigh*, so we walked back, but it was my favorite hike of our trip.
After a long day of driving, hiking, and wave chasing, it's best to just have a seat and take in the sunset.

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