Friday, May 12, 2017

Colby Graduates from ECC

My little boy is growing up.

I'm realizing it slowly, like when I drag over the stool so Colby can help with dinner and find he can reach the counter fine on his own. Or when Alice asks for a story and I'm busy and I look over 5 minutes later to see Colby reading it for me.

He'll start Kindergarten in August as a Sahuarita Primary School Owl. There are so many little kids around here that they split the elementary schools: SPS is K-2 and SIS is 3-5. There will be 12 Kindergarten classes alone. 12!

Anyway, Colby's preschool had a little graduation ceremony and he wasn't really excited about going. The boys were leaving for the Father and Son camp-out immediately after and he didn't quite trust us when we said the ceremony would be short.

We lasted a grand total of 15 minutes. The place was packed. The invitation said due to lack of space, please limit guests to immediate family, but a couple families ignored that rule completely (one corner of the room had at least 15 aunts/uncles/cousins/grandparents for one kid). 
Colby didn't want to go up and get his diploma, so his sweet teacher, Ms. Tabitha, brought it to him. We were so blessed for Colby to be in her class this year. She did so many little things specially to help him stay focused and engaged (like picking out silly stories and having the class practice sight words during reading time, so he wouldn't get bored). We are going to miss her and all of the wonderful teachers at the Early Childhood Center.
On to Kindergarten!
Colby doing the traditional "gaze into future" graduation pose

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