Friday, August 10, 2012

Epic Road Trip Part II: Kristen Brady and the Bridesmaid dress

It wasn't until we'd driven six hours on our way to my best friend, Kristen's, wedding that I realized the new roominess in the car wasn't just because we left a 4 foot rocket behind in Montana. We also left our garment bag--and my bridesmaid dress.

The next 24 hours went as follows:
:: I wanted to turn the car around and drive back.  Robb vetoed this because a) we would have ended up pulling an all-nighter and b) we would have missed the temple sealing.    
:: Called the Hays family to see if anyone could drive it out to us, but no one could make it.
:: Investigated the possibility of shipping it via Grey Hound Bus, but it would have arrived too late.
:: Spent an hour on hold waiting to speak with a Delta representative to determine if the dress could be flown in; got disconnected.
:: Waited an additional two and a half hours on the phone, but it wasn't the right department. 
:: Called the new number, waited 20 minutes and got a hold of a very nice lady who promised me if the dress was under a pound it could take a flight from Missoula, MT at 6:00am to Salt Lake City, UT and arrive in Portland, OR around 9:40am.  She also assured me the package could stay overnight as long as someone got it there before the desk closed at 11:00pm.
:: My amazing sister-in-law, Brooke, and her husband, Al, drove an hour to the airport and were told by the heartless guy at the desk (I know he was heartless because I told him my whole sob story and it didn't sway him at all) that it was against airport policy to leave packages overnight.
:: Brooke and Al drove home and then drove back at four the next morning (not because we asked them to) in time for the dress to make the flight.
:: Dress made the flight to Utah on time.
:: Robb and I left for the temple and my dad went to the airport to wait for the dress (he also made friends with the girls who manned the Delta DASH desk).
::The plane landed in Oregon on schedule and those two amazing girls rushed over, grabbed the dress, and made the hand-off to my dad.
:: After a quick stop at the hotel to get it ironed, my dad arrived at the temple just as Kristen and Brady made their first public appearance as newlyweds.
:: Quick sprint into a changing room and I joined the other bridesmaids before pictures started.

So my tale has a happy ending and I will owe Brooke and Al for as long as I live (and something about their note makes me think they agree :) ):

I love this girl.
She moved to Medford during my freshman year of high school and we've been friends ever since.  She is one of the best people I know. (I heard the person you become is influenced most by the five friends you spend the most time with and if that's the case, I'm grateful for the eight some-odd years I had to learn from her.)  

I've never seen her this happy before and if you know Kristen at all, that's saying something.  I'm thrilled she found Kendall and watching them together I can tell he knows what a lucky guy he is.

I snagged the following pictures, taken by Lindsay Brady Zook, from Kristen's Facebook:

Congratulations, Kristen and Kendall!

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